Nemesis Conquered

Question: Can you think of something you were good at but suddenly (or gradually) that ability seemed to dry up so that it’s now almost impossible to get back into? That’s how I feel about poetry. It used to be so easy to whip up a poem. Finding that place inside where all that misunderstood emotion and tension roiled about just waiting for a few simple words to express them used to be so natural, like slipping into a favorite pairs of jeans or comfy shoes. But now…rusty doesn’t even come close. In fact, I’ve avoided even trying because the frustration was too much. Paralysing, in fact.

But today I gave it a whirl. Thanks to a writing prompt that only triggered poetic ideas, I decided to buckle down and try. The result isn’t great and I haven’t yet worked up the nerve to post it, but at least I can say I did it. I tried. And overcame The Block. 🙂

So, that’s sorta what this blog is about:  trying. Banking on the pebble (ripple) effect. Hopefully, with time, today’s progress will result in more tries, more successes and even writing in genres, styles and forms I’m not used to. Who knows what’ll come of it? Maybe one day I’ll be banging out poems like an old hand.

Go Purple Pebble!

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