Quick Draw-Suspense Flash Fiction

Okay, feeling inspired! lol So here’s a 157 word story, a bit of a departure from the norm for me since the theme seems to be suspence.

The Prompt…
Natalie arrives home from work and is perplexed that her dog is not there to greet her as usual. In fact, he is nowhere to be seen or heard. Even more disturbing is the semi-automatic pistol sitting on her coffee table and the sound of running water from the kitchen.


Running water. The sound gushes from the kitchen. This is what I hear instead of Bart’s excited yips when I open the door. The lights are off, all except the bald kitchen bulb. I always forget to change it.

Cover’s blown. I have to get out. But first, there’s Bart.

I set the groceries down; my eyes and ears strain for signs of movement. I spy my house gun on the table. Whoever it is planned on using it on me. Doesn’t matter. I’ve got a spare. I pull it out and cock it. Walk into the hall, checking the rooms as I go, until I set foot in the kitchen.

He’s there. There’s blood everywhere. Bart’s blood.

The intruder whirls and draws. I fire first, spilling more blood. He crashes to the floor, sliding in the growing pool of red.

Bart’s body is cooling. Tears burn my eyes.

I reload and cock the gun. And go.

D. Forde (May 2013)

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