Buzz-Flash Fiction

Okay, I’m almost embarrassed to post this super-short story because it’s totally ridiculous and mindless, but on one hand, that’s the point of the exercise (which I’ll post below). So read it and laugh, or send me an angry message, whatever. Just know I HAD FUN, lol

The Prompt
Write a story that includes these words:


This is a silly prompt. Feel free to write a silly story.
The chances are, if you’re still here, you’ve started to take your writing quite seriously, in a good way. However, there’s always a danger of ‘serious’ becoming ‘solemn’. Use today as a break from whatever you’ve been writing and write that is purposely silly, off-the-cuff, not to be taken seriously.

So here is:


The carnival official sported a domed hat, denoting his importance. It was a contest after all, and what was more important at such an event than an Official?

Domed Official wrote with furious abandon in his very official notebook. He glanced from the black scrawls to the massive totem pole complete with the painted, corpulent figures of big-breasted women, leering faces, and…an irate beaver at the top?

The scowling creature scared the children. They bounded away in a panic. Others scratched their heads.

Balding Man to Fully Bald Man: ‘What is this monstrosity?’

Blank stares, both.



Supremely pleased at the ‘buzz’ generated by the said monstrosity, I stroll past while sipping a delicious shake. I look at my official name-tag and smile.


D. Forde (May 2013)

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