Shooting Stars-a new poem

Sigh, I guess it’s just one of those days…

Shooting Stars

You demand,
I give.
You leave,
I follow.
When you’re up,
I climb the thorny vines to
Reach where you are.
Then you climb down.
And I fall.

I shadow,
You lead.
Where you go,
I go.
But then you run,
So fast and so far ahead,
I am quickly undone.
Adrift in the darkness
I fall behind.

We are
Two celestial bodies,
Ever circling.
Eyeing one another
But never touching.

We are
A fire quickly doused,
Four walls
Yet not a house.

So close and yet
So far.
Always falling,
We are
Shooting stars.

D.Forde (July 2013)

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