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Author Interview: Getting to know The Author Who Supports, Alana Munro

I love supporting creative people. You know, doing what I can in my own small way to give them ‘a leg up’. As creative people, we all know how lonely and difficult the artist’s life can be, not to mention that finding ways to gain exposure for what we create is not always easy. We need to help each other. That’s why few things make me happier than seeing others who also exhibit this desire.  Alana Munro, who happens to be today’s guest, has whole-heartedly grasped hold of this value. She is well-known for helping others through her blog The Author Who Supports and the Support-a-Writer G+ community. So when she was available to be interviewed on my blog, I was ecstatic. So, dear Reader, I invite you to read on and meet this fabulous lady. Anyway, with gorgeous eyes like hers, how can you refuse? 🙂

Alana Munro: blogger and author of the successful book, Women Behaving Badly– Exposing the Truth about Female Friendship
Alana Munro: blogger and author of the successful book, Women Behaving Badly– Exposing the Truth about Female Friendship

1- Hi Alana! So great to have you here today. Can you start us off by telling us a little about yourself?

I am a 32 year old mummy of three and wife to one. I am Scottish but we live upside down in Australia.

Alana Munro, steadfast supporter and encourager of writers
Alana Munro, steadfast supporter and encourager of writers

2- Where does writing fit into your life and why are you drawn to it? How did you get your start and what keeps you motivated/inspired? Do you have other creative talents?

It is not always easy to find the time, but it is something I ‘make time’ for. I just have to ignore the dirty washing (I have three kids – it is busy!) or I would never have the time to write. There is always something that needs fixed or cleaned but I just try to ignore it. You have to be a little bit selfish to be able to write. You have to say, ‘I need some time alone.’ Thankfully my husband is supportive. I am drawn to writing as it is a means of reflecting and creating. How did I get my start? I decided to write a book on personal life experiences. I just took on the challenge! I have always been creative. I adored art at school and I love to capture the world and my children on my semi-professional digital camera. I used to do little photo shoots from my spare room.

3- What do you like to read? What do you think makes a good book? 

I like to read non-fiction or about person’s life. I think a book that is honest keeps me engaged. I got bored quite easily and I find books that are full of professional jargon or over complicated annoying. I dislike it when an author is trying to sound intelligent. I’d rather an author just spoke to me and tried to connect with me as a reader.

4- How often do you write? Do you hold to the idea that a writer must write every single day?

I try to write every day but of course with three kids that is not always possible. If I am not writing, I am noting down ideas for later. I have lots of little books to note down my thoughts. I guess it is a good idea to write as much as possible. I would also add that a writer should be reading books as much as he or she can too.

5- Can you tell us about your writing projects? Which works are you the most proud of?

I am proud of my debut book, Women Behaving Badly – Exposing the Truth about Female Friendship. It is a very personal book. I didn’t spend years researching for it, I didn’t need to. The book is from my heart. It was a tough book to write in many respects. I am sure I will look back after a few books and cringe, but writing books is a huge learning experience and I must remember that.

Alana's Book

6- What do you find is the most difficult aspect of writing and how do you cope with it?

For me personally, it is finding the time. I also find editing mind numbing and headache inducing. I found a professional to proof read and edit for me. I cannot stress enough how important a good editor is.

7- What advice would you give to new writers?

I would say to write about something that you are passionate about. It is far easier to write about something that interests you and something you know a bit about. My next little nugget of advice would be to reach out to other writers. Help each other along, support each other. Writing is a lonely journey at times. It is vital to connect with other like-minded people. I am always amazed at writers who are happy to bob along alone. It makes sense to connect, promote each other and share ideas. A lot more can be achieved if we link up.

8-How can readers get in touch with you?

The best way is to jump onto my website. Here readers can follow me or contact me directly. I also run an online support group for writers, bloggers, and poets. All information about the support I provide writers (including professional interviews) is on my website. I hope you pop by soon!

To learn more about Alana’s book, please check out the following promotional video:

Alana, I loved having you here today. Thank you for taking time away from your busy life of wife, mother, writer and blogger to share a little about yourself, your book and what writing means to you. Readers, I urge you to go and see what’s happening on Alana’s site. There you’ll find some great info and writing resources, you’ll get to meet other authors via their interviews, not to mention that you’ll get to know one of the nicest Aussie’s around.

Thanks for stopping by again, my dear Readers. It was great to have you me today. 🙂

Also, if you’re a writer and would like to be interviewed, please let me know by leaving a comment below. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Katie. And I hear you about the Mom thing. She really does encourage and inspire me…not to mention make me feel less guilty about the piles of laundry in my house! lol


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