Grammar Talk: Hyphens vs. Em Dashes

Hyphens and em dashes–goodness, the English language makes me crazy sometimes! Anyway, for those who are as confused as I sometimes get, take a look at this article. Thank God someone understands this stuff!

copywriting-guide-hyphen-dashI can’t tell you how many times I hear that punctuation doesn’t matter in the world of novel writing, and how “an editor will fix all that.” Bah! While there is truth to the matter that grammar isn’t everything and that some people place too much importance on the grammar/punctuation end without focusing on the story’s plot, character arc, story arc, atmosphere, and all the other essentials of a novel, grammas IS something (Check out the discussion on it). In fact, it’s an author’s tools for clarity and fluidity, and how is that irrelevant?

Plus, it’s just something a true writer should take pride in (that doesn’t mean mistakes can’t be made, but be educated about your craft).

With that, I bring you the dash and the hyphen–two very different types of punctuation that a lot of folks don’t know a lick about. Let’s put the mystery…

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8 thoughts on “Grammar Talk: Hyphens vs. Em Dashes

    1. Ha! and I JUST realized that TECHNICALLY it should be punctuation talk, not grammar (although it can be argued that punctuation is a component of grammar, depending on the definition you use :P).

      OK, OK I’ll stop. I’m sure only I’m interested in this anyway :P.


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