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Author Interview with The Changeling Detective about Author Phill Berrie

So…what happens when the author I’m supposed to interview today blows me off to write (the nerve, Phill Berrie!) and one of his characters shows up in his place? To tell the truth, I’m still scratching my head because, really, I have no idea WTH just happened.

(Did I really see what I think I just saw?)

(Was Robert Downey Jr. really here…or have I been flirting with a fictional character all this time?)

(And what happened to Chris Hemsworth???)

‘Tis a sad day in Dropped Pebbles Interviewing history and there’s no one to blame for it but Phill himself. But, despite his unexpected absence today, he’s a very decent fellow so I’ll post the interview without him and encourage you all to read it to find out more him, the Changeling Detective and his Triple A detectives. But beware. Strange happenings are afoot! 

(Has ANYBODY seen Chris???)


 Earlier today…

 Uh, hey. Wasn’t I supposed to be interviewing Phill Berrie? Who the heck are…wait a second! You look familiar but…nah, that’s impossible.

Humphrey Bogart

My real name is not important. He calls me the Changeling Detective, but you can call me, John.

Alright, John. Where’s Phill? Has he been kidnapped or something? *flips through note cards* Gee, I had no idea he was worth anything!

LOL. I don’t do kidnappings. No, I’m the hero of the stories. Phill’s… off writing something, and I thought I’d take his place to meet another author… And I must say, it’s a definite improvement.

*fans myself with note cards while enthusiastically batting my eyelashes* Why, thank you, Mr. Bogart! As for Phill, I’m glad he’s not in danger, but since we’re here to talk about the man who writes your stories, maybe we should talk about him. What can you tell us?

So, you want to know about Phill Berrie, do you? Well he’s the guy who’s going to write the stories. I supposed he’s my Watson… though I’m more like Robert Downey Junior than Sherlock Holmes.

And if you want to know what Phill looks like, well he sort of looks like this…

Phillip Berrie

Though I’m flattering him, because his beard’s got more grey in it than this.

Uh…yeah. Could you do that switcheroo thingy? I kinda preferred Robert Downey, Jr.… *clears throat* Seriously, I’d heard about people like you, but to actually see it…wow! Does it hurt?

Nope. Not a bit… So, you’d prefer Downey Jr, would you?


How’s that?

Delicious! I-I mean, that’s just fine. Alright then Rob—er, John. Why did you choose Phill Berrie? What’s he got that other authors don’t?

Phill? Well he’s just this guy I know. We’re both Aussies, we both live in the same city, Canberra, and we’ve got history. He writes fantasy and horror and that sort of stuff. That makes him well suited to write about the sort of stuff I get involved with.

So, he’s famous! What about his accent? Is it like Chris Hemsworth’s? *visions of Thor float through my head*

Yeah, I suppose so, they both got pretty generic Aussie accents.

Anyway. Phill famous? You’re kidding, right?

No. He’s not famous. He’s an up-and-coming wannabe. Hey, apart from the one story about me that Hotspur Publishing picked up, he’s only self-published one other book. Some sort of fantasy called Transgressions about this old wizard reincarnated in the body of a half-elf chick.

Er, say what now?!

Haven’t read it myself. I suppose the trans-sex thing is supposed to attract a certain type of reader, if you know what I mean. Still, it definitely sounds like a fantasy to me.

Anyway, why Phill? Look, it really just comes down to economics. The guy’s also an editor and proofreader. He comes cheap and provides the whole box and dice. Heck, he even produced all the formats for the eBook. And, we’re doing this profit-share thing on the proceeds of the books.

Ah, so he’s not rich but a philanthropist. Nice.

So what do think about the books Phill writes about your adventures? Is there anything he does that makes you want to slap him in the face and get to rewriting? What’s he gotten exactly right and exactly wrong about your personality?


Hey, he actually knows very little about the true me. And that’s the way I like it. All I really wanted was for him to not portray me as being too unbelievable, or a villain, and I think he’s done that.

Hmmm. You don’t sound too thrilled with Phill’s work. If you could trade him for another writer, who’d it be?

Hey, I’ve got nothing against him. He’s a nice guy. Still, evidence of the book to the contrary, I’m actually a mutant and prefer science fiction rather than the urban fantasy I think he’s writing.

If I really had my choice of author, it’d be Gene Wolfe, one of your fellow Americans. He wrote the The Book of the New Sun which starts off sounding like a fantasy but is actually a deep-time sci-fi story involving time paradoxes. Phill tries. He’s throwing all sorts of red herrings at the reader in the first book. But Gene Wolfe? Well he’s the man, as far as I’m concerned.

You mentioned ‘stories’ before. Will there be more stories about you, the Changeling Detective?

Yeah. You bet. Canberra may seem like a small country town with big city pretensions, but it has more than its fair share of weirdness about it. Hey look at me…

Jonathan Asquith

This is Jonathan Asquith. He’s another of my Triple A detectives. He’s working on a case at the moment that involves missing people and killer koalas… Sounds kind of dumb, doesn’t it? But, if I didn’t heal as well as I do, I’d have some pretty impressive scars to show you.

Okaaayyy…How did you and Phill meet? And where did he get the idea to start writing about what you do?

We used to role play together. At the time he worked for a university doing IT support. He took early retirement, or something, and I heard through the grapevine that he was trying his hand at this writing lark and thought I’d give him something ‘real’ to write about.

Alright then, looks like we covered all the bases today except one. How can readers get into contact with you and Phill?

Well, I’m a guy that likes to have a low profile, but my agency, the AAA Detective Agency, has a Facebook page at We’re pretty busy, but if you leave a message there, someone will get back to you.

Phill’s a nice guy and wannabe writer and can use all the friends he can get. His email is and he’s on FaceBook and Google+ and Goodreads under his full name ‘Phillip Berrie’.

Oh, and the book’s available through Amazon, the Apple iBookstore and all those places good eBooks can be found, including his Smashwords Page for his eFiction:

You can also get direct links to his books through Hotspur Publishing.

Thanks for the chance to chat and I’ll leave you with a couple of friendly tips. One, not everyone you meet is who you think they are. And, two, if you’re ever in Australia, keep an eye out for Drop Bears.

Well, thank you, I think, John. This has been the most interesting and unconventional interview yet. Please give Phill my regards. Readers, I know you’re intrigued by John and his amazing skills as well as the unusual stories Phill writes, so please, go check out the links above and see what you’ve been missing. 

Until next week, everyone!

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