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My Video Author Interview with Carl Sinclair

Well, this is a first guys, an video interview! Talk about nerve wracking. I even put make up on for it–that’s a big deal! lol And I rehearsed a bunch beforehand, and guess what? I still had no idea what I was saying while it was going on! In the end, I think it came out alright. Thanks so much to Carl Sinclair who hosted me and kept me sane with his cool, calm demeanor (stay tuned for more from him–he’ll be guest blogging for Dropped Pebbles in January!)

So, here’s the interview!



13 Responses to “My Video Author Interview with Carl Sinclair”

  1. authorphilpartington

    Reblogged this on Phil Partington, author page and commented:
    Recently interviewed on this blog, check out Dyane Forde’s (author of The Purple Morrow) interview with Carl Sinclair. You can also revisit her interview with yours truly by clicking on the author interviews tab and then interviewing other authors on the menu bar.


    • Dyane

      Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for watching; glad you got to know me a little better as well.:)


  2. Katie Cross

    Ah! You looked so good. You did a great job answering. I would have been a nervous wreck. Carl made me laugh. What a great idea, this is awesome!


    • Dyane

      lol Thanks! I was a nervous wreck! I kept rehearsing until I thought I would puke and then there was the mad rush to figure out where in the house to do it and the lighting, lol It was like a TV production! But it was a lot of fun. πŸ™‚ I know Carl’s put out a call for fantasy writers to contact him for an interview so…check it out! πŸ™‚


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