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A Monday Morning Interview with Aspiring Writer Jude Akhabue

Jude Akhabue, blogger, writer and passionate about books
Jude Akhabue, blogger, writer and passionate about books

Today’s interview is a little different than the norm. I’m interviewing Jude Akhabue, a young man from Nigeria who is an aspiring writer, public speaker and blogger. He doesn’t yet have any books, stories or essays published but that will come in time. In learning more about him, I appreciated Jude’s passion for reading and books, as well as his desire to reach out to young people in order to encourage them to better themselves through study. And so, I thought I would help him get the word out by inviting him on so he can share about himself and his ideas. Please welcome today’s guest, Jude Akhabue! 

Hello, Dyane, thanks for inviting me today.

It’s my pleasure, Jude. Thanks for visiting. Can you begin by telling us a little about yourself?

I am a young, upcoming blogger and writer. I got my degree last
year and started blogging this year, so I consider myself young in
this area.

Congratulations on earning your degree!

Are you interested in other forms of artistic expression besides writing? What keeps you motivated/inspired?

For now not really, I get my motivation from God, my environment.
These two are the source and inspiration.

What forms of writing and genres do you prefer and why? What can you never see yourself writing?

I write basically short essays, academic related write ups. I
will never write about horror stories or adult rated stuffs.

I’ve read books which really annoyed me. As a reader, what do you think makes a good story? What’s one thing a ‘bad’ book taught you to not do in your own writing? 

A perfect blend of storyline, lesson to be learnt and writer
expression all in one. One thing a bad book taught me never to do in
my own writing is fill it with text till it becomes boring.

As a writer, what elements do you find are the most crucial to include in your stories? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A great story is definitely number one. The story must point
towards readers learning something, and finally pictures. I just love
picture stories. My strengths are my understanding of the environment
my text is taken from, the vision my weblog is all about, the joy of
just writing especially online. The challenges I face now includes
timing; I have very few hours online. I don’t enjoy typing so much and,
finally, the fact that my stories may be restricted to a particular set
of people.

Who/what are the biggest influences in your writing? How do they influence what your write? 

My background is my biggest influencer. I grew up among teachers. I
love teaching and I discovered an online way of doing what I love.
The influence they exert over me has to do with how they blessed my
life to the point that I want to reach out and be a source of
information. As little as it may seem, it will always be of help.

I think it’s great that you want to help others by sharing what you have learned with them.

What draws you to your preferred genre? What do you think makes your genre unique? And why is it so popular? (Or perhaps less popular than it could be?)

I am drawn to the genre of my writing by my experiences as a student and what students currently face within my environment. My genre is not so popular because the reading culture is gradually dying out, hence many youths are busy with other things instead of studying.

That’s really too bad. I hope you get a chance to share your enthusiasm for books and study with others.

Can you tell us about what projects are you working on? 

I have not written any book yet. I’m still looking and mentor
hunting for now. The project I hope to embark on soon is to produce my
first e-book. Hope you would get a copy!

You’ll have to let us know when it’s ready 🙂

What do you find is the most difficult aspect of writing and how do you cope with it?

The typing part is seriously my most difficult part. How I wish
that a new device would be created that automatically turns your
thoughts into text. I manage this by doing my type work in small
pieces. I segment what I want to type and do it whenever am free.

Ha ha! I’ve often dreamed of a similar machine! 

Who are your favourite writers and why?

My favourite writers are Gbile Akanni, Myles Munroe, and John
Maxwell. I guess because am into the field of empowerment.

So, Jude, how can interested parties get a hold of you?

Via my email (, Twitter
(@ExcelinPages) on Facebook (Akhabue Jude Ideas) and LinkedIn
(Akhabue Jude). I hope to break into other online media soon. Via call
also too.

Jude, it was so nice to have you here. Thanks for telling us about yourself and your goal to reach out to youths. Best of luck! Readers, thanks for joining us as well, and if you would like to encourage Jude in his goals, please send him a message.

Thanks for stopping by!

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