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Show vs. Tell: How to Show

Great post about Showing versus Telling. Thanks to Phil P. for this one!
Check his blog for Part 2 (coming soon).

We’ve all heard it, the whole argument between showing vs. telling. In fact, we’ve heard it so much that we actually think we understand it. But I’ve got news; it’s perhaps the trickiest concept to master, even for experienced and ‘successful’ authors. Hell, often it can be a bugger just identifying when you’ve faulted in your own writing.

I’m breaking this blog post up into two parts.

Part One—Show vs. Tell:  How to Show

Part Two—Show vs. Tell:  When to Tell

Because really, it’s not all about showing. As was pointed out to me by one of my trusted writing/editing buddies, ‘reading an entire novel worth of showing would be exhausting.’ Some who prescribe to the black and white theory that it’s show, show, show no matter what will want to come at me with pitchforks and torches, but hear me out. Novel writing is rarely so black and white. Those…

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