A Word from Becca: Getting the Job Done

I loved this post. Honest and bearing lots of truth. Read on and see for yourself.

Brown Girl Love

Brown Girl Love's Featured Artist Manger Becca D.

Becca, Featured Artist Manager for Brown Girl Love, talks about her experience finishing a novel.

Though my fiction remains unpublished, I cannot count how many times I’ve been told “But you’ve written a book! That’s amazing!” My immediate response is, “No, it’s not”. But I understand, writing the novel is the first step in getting the novel published and–from personal experience–many writers spend too much time speaking about writing, blogging about writing (*snicker*) and talking about writing that they don’t ever actually write. Writing a novel is HARD WORK. Honestly, depending on the person, writing anything is hard work and for someone who “can’t write”, what writers accomplish–even those of us unpublished–is impressive.

When I wrote my first novel length work, I was sixteen. (It was High Fantasy atrocity) I was impressed with myself then, even after I found out Christopher Paolini was fifteen when he wrote his book and…

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4 thoughts on “A Word from Becca: Getting the Job Done

    1. You’re very welcome. It deserved to be reshared. 🙂 And yes, I think it will be great to work together. Looking forward to it!


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