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Another Day in a Writer’s Life

So this is really cool. Yesterday I went to my old high school, Trafalgar, to drop off a copy of my book, The Purple Morrow, for their library. It was weird to go back since I haven’t set foot in there since 1992. The school is so different. People are smiling and happy in there! lol Even the students!

The librarian took me up to the library. The surface of the school may look different after all this time, but its bones are the same–it’s amazing how many memories came flooding back in the 20 minutes I was there. Anyway, the visit turned out to be a great experience: the librarian is also a writer and she introduced me to some writing conferences and other resources in our city and the surrounding areas I was not aware of, as well as asked if I would be interested in visiting the students to talk about writing and whatnot, possibly even participating at their Career Day event next spring. The prospects terrify but also excite me. My high school English teacher’s encouraging words as she presented me with a package of some of my favorite short stories from that year stayed with me, and years later I ended up achieving my writing goals. Perhaps these activities can help me return the favor and help another budding writer find their own path to their dreams.

IMG_1382 (2)

When it comes to my book, I can be a little shy about promoting it in person. I went into that meeting with no expectations, almost deciding to just drop off the envelope at the receptionists’ desk and walking out. But I took a chance and decided to follow the thing through. I ended up being blown away by what could happen when you take chances: doors can open.

Again, this confirms to me that though social marketing and networking are powerful tools, actual contact with people is so much more validating. Nothing can replace seeing the smile on a person’s face or the affirming nod they give when then like your book, or the pleased tone in their voice when they complement your work. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Well, it’s ‘just a school contact’, that’s small fries.” But you know what? I felt and still feel like a million bucks about it. And here’s one more cool story I have to share with my kids about how Mom took a chance, reached out, and saw one more stone set in place for her to move forward towards furthering her dreams. That’s hard to beat. πŸ™‚

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Β How do you feel about getting out into the community to network or to bring your brand “to the people?” How have you been received when you’ve tried it?Β 


17 thoughts on “Another Day in a Writer’s Life

    1. Thank you, Carol. πŸ™‚ Getting out from behind the computer into the real world is not always easy but I’m seeing the benefits of it. Thanks so much for your comment. πŸ™‚


  1. Awesome post Dyane! It is great to see all of these small (but actually big) steps you take in the crazy world of writing. I am so happy for you! I feel the same way about promoting something… I’m doing Relay for Life and am fundraising, and hate asking people for money. But the few times that I actually mustered the courage to talk to a real person as opposed to the online stuff, I have been blown away by the results. Not quite the same, but the power of person-to-person contact is amazing. Great work, and I can’t wait to see more!


    1. Thanks Nicki! It’s such a learning process about gaining confidence in ourselves and in what we have to offer. But, as you’ve seen, often people surprise us. πŸ™‚


    2. It is a great learning process. And I promise you your other chapters in the next few days… there has been a lot of stuff going on over here but your chapters are at the top of my list! Take care!


  2. I love your post Dyane. I also like the fact that you returned to your old school. It’s good motivation for the students as you attended that school. Congratulations and continued success with your book and writing.


  3. I am so with you!

    I’m having a hard time coordinating book signings and what not, but I think part of that is my fault, as I just kind of keep putting it off because it’s so much different in person.

    Now, that being said, when I have interacted with fans and other people in person, it’s been amazing to see the response that I get. Interacting face-to-face and meeting the readers leaves a much better impression, as well as a connection. It’s so fun too to see people get excited!

    Thanks, Dyane, you just gave me courage!


    1. Oh that’s great news, Katie! One, I’m so excited for you about how well things are rolling with your book! Two, it’s nice to hear that I’M not alone in this insecurity. πŸ™‚ But I think the more we do it, the more confidence we’ll gain. Keep forging ahead, girl!


  4. Great post! We often miss out on wonderful achievements when we don’t listen to that still small voice. Way to Go Dyane!


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