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Meet Guest Author Dyane Forde

My latest interview hosted by Chis the Story The Story Reading Ape.
Find out about Jeru and Kelen’s journeys as they work out what The Purple Morrow is what it means to the fate of the world.

See you there!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Dyane Forde 01Hi there! I’m Dyane. Chris invited me to this awesome party, you know, as a way to get to meet new people. It’s hard to get noticed, right? So parties like this really help. Anyway, what do you do with your spare time? … … Oh, you’re a Reader! That’s great! I love to read as well. I write books too, though I’m a social worker by profession. Yes, yes, it’s very tough work but I think that learning to see the world through other people’s eyes makes me empathetic to others and really supports my writing. Contrary to all this nervous blathering, I actually write some deep, soulful pieces—novels, flash fiction, short stories and sometimes even poetry. My goal is to touch readers’ emotions, not just tickle the surface. … … What’s that? You’d like to hear about my books? You really are too kind! Oh, dear, you’ve gone…

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2 Responses to “Meet Guest Author Dyane Forde”

    • Dyane

      Yes, lots of great blog content and author promotion. You should check it out.


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