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Work-In-Progress Blog Challenge

A new challenge! This time I’ve been nominated by Vashti Quiroz-Vega and Jon Simmonds to participate in the ‘Work-In-Progress Blog Challenge’, and since it’s a challenge … well, I just had to do it. For this challenge, I must post the first line from each of the first three chapters in my work-in-process (WIP). Then I must select four other writers to do the same.

But before I get there, a few words about the people who tagged me…

Vashti is a long-time writer friend, blogger and all around great support so it was with pleasure that I received her nomination. She writes Suspense, Thriller, Fantasy and Horror novels and stories. Her book The Basement is available for purchase on Amazon and she is currently working on a new book called ‘The Fall of Lilith’ ,which is also the book she cited for this challenge.

Jon is a newer friend whom I met through my blog (Yay for the power of media!). Jon’s very smart and I like his blog posts—in fact, it was through his About page that I discovered that he authored Alice in Wonderland at the age of 7. Check it out and see what I mean. The WIP he chose to use for this challenge is Dark Energies which he describes as ‘a contemporary urban mystery spiced with a healthy dose of romance and quantum physics’. Nice.

So, for this challenge I decided to feature this beast of a WIP that has had me on the ropes for years, but which I am determined to tame: Wolf’s Bane, the sequel to my published fantasy novel, The Purple Morrow.

Wolf’s Bane continues Jeru’s tale as he struggles to grapple with the knowledge of who he is while Kelen contends with a new evil dogging his every move. The story takes the reader deeper into the conflict developing across Marathana, introduces new people groups and cultures and raises the overall stakes. 

The (working) blurb:

The Purple Morrow is destroyed. Guided by a dark ally, the Northmen push harder to conquer the Southernlands. Jeru, newly wed and desiring only to settle into a simple life, is forced to accept that his trials have just begun.

Revenge on his mind, Kelen must battle forces of good and evil as he tries to discern truth from lies while trying to save his skin.

Myth and Legend come to the fore and destiny reveals its hand. Jeru and Kelen, the Butterfly and the Wolf, will meet again. And when they do, no one is prepared for the aftermath.


And without further ado, here are the opening lines from the first three chapters. I took the liberty of including the line from the Prologue so there will be four sentences in all, but no worries. I tend to open with short lines, so it’ll be over before you know it. I’ve also added some visuals to whet your appetite. Enjoy!

Prologue: Baptism of Blood: 

The village burned.

From Infinity Blade: reckoning
From Infinity Blade: reckoning


Chapter 1: 

The summons came during Oren’s evening quiet time.


Chapter 2:

Oren hurried to the Naagra-Oni’s chambers.


Chapter 3: 

If ever he made it up the cliff, Jeru had a few choice words for the divine being who had called him there in the first place.



And there you have them! To keep the ball rolling, I am tagging the following writers.

Phil Partington

Su Sokol

Lindsay Llewellyn 

Piper McDermot

Please check out their blogs, drop them a line, and find out more about what they are working on. You never know. Your thoughtful words and support might be just what they need to finish their labor of love.

8 thoughts on “Work-In-Progress Blog Challenge

    1. Yes, at least for Jeru. Each character has their own voice, and his is more contemporary which I found leant well to his honest and human responses. He’s loosely based on me and I love sarcasm. Also, Kelen and his foil, Seylem, who we meet later enjoy many dry and sarcastic moments, lol


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