A wonderful review of The Purple Morrow by Belinda Hughes. The first review to make me cry…in a most excellent way.

Belinda Y. Hughes Books

A masterpiece of paranormal historical fiction, The Purple Morrow, Book One in the Rise of the Papilion (sic) trilogy by Canadian author Dyane Ford, left me breathless, my heart pounding. It passes the Neil Gaiman literary quality litmus test with flying colors. It made a powerful initial impression, remains in my thoughts like a lover throughout the subsequent days and permanently colored the lenses through which I view my world.

If you liked the movies Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Excalibur, you’ll love the Purple Morrow by Dyane Ford. It also has elements of the Celestine Prophecy and Greek mythology. This is the first book of hers that I’ve read and it won’t be the last. It took me two days to complete, but could easily have been three or four had I slowed down and let any distraction beyond the necessities of daily life come between…

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