Thanks to a Tweet I made regarding a pair of tickets I won to a pre-screening of Black Panther, NoirNerds looked me up and asked me to write a review for them. Below are the introductory paragraphs. Click here for the entire review.

I got lucky and won tickets to see an advance screening of Black Panther. I took my daughter with me. She’s been a Black Panther fan since she saw the character in the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, and the day she asked me to buy her his comic was a proud one for me. As for myself, to be honest, I didn’t know much about the character beyond the basics: T’Challa (here played by Chadwick Boseman) is king of a hidden African country called Wakanda that uses a fictional metal called vibranium in remarkable ways, and the King of Wakanda (aka Black Panther) has a kick-ass suit. See, I’m a Spidey fan. Web-Head, forever!

Still, despite my penchant for the wall-crawler, I was eager to see Black Panther, if only to be able to share with my bi-racial daughter a popular-culture rendering of what a successful, independent, proud African nation might have been like.

Granted, the movie is fiction. That said, without the ills that troubled Africa and the black African nations (specifically colonialism and slavery), who knows what might have been? And, for me, that is what I think is one of the strongest aspects, even gifts, of this movie. It offers a glimpse of what could have been, as well as suggests another question: is it still possible?

So, the movie. I had purposefully avoided trailers and early reviews because I didn’t want to be disappointed. How many times has a movie been over-hyped and then when you do see it, you can’t help but be disappointed? Few movies live up to the hype.

But, somehow, Black Panther, did…

For the complete review, click here.

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