Are you an hobbyist or a professional writer?

Good question! I never seriously thought about it much until I self-published Berserker and began to consider where my writing future would lead once the book was completed. But it’s an essential question to answer in order to set up your writing goals, as well as to establish reasonable expectations for your work. 

Check out the article posted on the Steve Laube Agency by  

I’d love to know your thoughts.  

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5 thoughts on “Repost: Two Kinds of Writers in the World

  1. Interesting article. I had to think about who I am, a hobbyist or professional. I never thought of it that way. I want to write stories that I like and hopefully, other people would want to read. I have to rethink the goals I’ve set for myself.

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    1. Hello there! How you been?! Lol

      As for myself, I thought similarly to you–write what I want and hope people will jump on board. There’s nothing wrong with that. I think the article just makes us realize that that kind of thinking might not lead to commercial success or a sustainable career in writing that can financially support us. In other words, having having the right expectations (or more reasonable ones) might save us disappointment, or enable us to prepare and organize to be successful.


    2. I agree with that. I have ideas which I believe can be commercially successful but you always have those “vanity” stories that you want everyone to jump on and like it just as much as you do. I see you’re on your third book in the series, Good for you. I’m getting back into this writing thing after a long hiatus. Lost myself for a minute but great to be back.

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    3. I’m so glad to hear that! I had taken a much needed break too. Make sure to surround yourself with good people; it helps when you’re caught up in the lonely writer mode 🙂

      Good luck with your projects! Keep me posted, please.

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