I found this post online a few days ago, and I thought the content was extremely useful in regards to putting out the best self-published book possible. And yes, there is a great section there about the importance of outsourcing editing services. Ahem.  


Click this link to view article: https://amyharrop.com/how-to-outsource-to-boost-self-publishing-success/

6 thoughts on “Repost: Outsourcing to Save Your Sanity and Your Self-Publishing Project

  1. I’ve really been thinking about self-publishing my short stories on Amazon or something. I would love tips on reaching a larger audience this way.


  2. Definitely! Thanks for responding. How can I reach the right people with my story? So many writers are self publishing on Amazon who already have a successful blog and followers. For someone like me just starting out, how can I make sure my short is seen by people reading my genra and style? So far, I’m learning about using keywords and creative content. The story I’ll be publishing already has some good reviews by editors, so I feel confident in the content. However, I’m less experienced in marketing and sales. Also, I’ve had a few lit magazines publish my shorts in the past. Is this something that will help self publish this new short story as well?


    1. You sound like you already have some good things going for you. Well done!

      I think visibility, connecting with readers by providing relevant content on your website or blog, is helpful. You might find that “short stories” is more of a niche market than fiction writing, so you might have to research how to work that: Who are your potential readers are? Where they are, what do they want from your genre? Then attract them by creating web and other content for them specifically.

      That’s a short answer. 🙂


    2. Great, I’ll focus on researching my niche. That’s such a good point.Thank you for the tips! Just one last question if you don’t mind 🙂 I’m in the process of making my short story’s cover photo. So far, I’ve tried out apps like Logo Maker but nothing in my price range strikes me yet. Is there a recourse you recommend for free or DIY cover art?


    3. Glad to hear it. 🙂

      Hmmm. To be honest, I have rarely seen good DIY covers. Most of the time, you can tell when it’s a homemade job. Designers understand composition, fonts, lighting and color, etc., all of which makes a huge difference. You might try looking into freelance services like Upwork. Perhaps some colleges or universities have graduating students who are looking for paid gigs. Also, Facebook groups for authors could be a great place to get recommendations and referrals.


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