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Welcome! For those familiar with the old website, I apologize for any confusion. I’ve rebranded the site to better reflect where I’m at in my career, which means it will now feature my writing, books, and freelance editing services.

The last year has been busy! I built a website for a creative passion project (which included publishing a digital magazine), completed a copy-editing course at Simon Fraser University, and continued to hone other writing skills. So, yes, it has been quite the year.




Why Choose Focus Writing Services?

A writer’s voice is powerful and unique, and their words have the power to affect ideas, feelings, and attitudes. 

That said, stringing together the right words at the right time, and successfully assembling them into a document that properly expresses a writer’s intent, remains a challenge; it’s often the result of a seamless collaboration between a writer and their editor. Online editing services can be useful, but I believe that the best work is produced when two talented and committed people put their heads together.

My goal is to help writers produce written work that clearly and effectively expresses their message. Contact me if you share a similar vision so I can help you create your best work.


I edit:

  • web content 
  • articles
  • essays
  • manuscripts (fiction and non-fiction)
  • reports
  • short stories 
  • and more

Not sure if your project is something I cover? Ask me. I’m adaptable and enjoy a challenge.

Have general questions about writing? Ask me about these subjects for free: 

  • self-publishing
  • novel writing
  • fiction writing
  • dealing with issues relating to confidence, inability to complete projects, and other problems preventing writers from achieving their goals. 


For more information, visit the Editing ServicesTypes of Editing Services Offered, and Testimonials pages. Use the contact form below to contact me or email me at fwritingservices@gmail.com




For information about my trilogy, Rise of the Papilion, visit my Books page. See Other Writing for my short stories, guest posts, and articles. To access my most recent content, go to Visit Blog.


Where to find me:








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13 Responses to “Focus Writing Services”

  1. Dyane

    Hey Stacey! Nice to see you here. And thx for liking this page. I’m just starting out so your support is appreciated. 🙂


    • Dyane

      Wow! Thanks, Christine! So exciting! I’ll go check it out right now. 🙂


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