Rise of the Papilion: Wolf’s Bane (Book 2)

About Wolf’s Bane

A torn Jeru struggles to accept his destiny and what he will do when he faces Kelen again. Kelen regains his memory, but the truth brings unspeakable pain and reveals the  horror of what he will become.


The Purple Morrow is destroyed. However, its promise endures in the form of a champion, mankind’s only hope against the destruction spawned by an ancient, sinister evil.

The Rovers have invaded the Southernlands, sending its inhabitants fleeing for respite. Waylaid in a defunct desert town, and reeling from revelations about his past, a powerful, emerging evil lures Kelen to seek vengeance. Though he resists, Kelen soon learns that the Shadow Man will not relent until a terrible, ancient claim is fulfilled.

As Marathana quails under the burgeoning darkness, Jeru’s clan looks to him to lead. Jeru, however, knows his path lies elsewhere. Leaving everything behind, he braves the Badlands, a hellish desertland only the hardiest dare tread, to awaken the latent spirit of the Papilion within him. Jeru learns much in that place of desolation, including one truth which could turn destiny on its head. Now more than ever, Kelen, the Wolf of the North, threatens everything he holds dear. Jeru must choose: save the people he loves, or sacrifice them to save Marathana.

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Reviews for Wolf’s Bane:

“Wolf’s Bane, book 2 in the Rise of the Papilion Trilogy, moves the Papilion lore forward, transporting the reader on a fabulous journey with characters introduced in The Purple Morrow, and an intimate exploration of evil, sacrifice, and destiny. Author Dyane Forde once again makes delightful use of poetic-like prose to paint colorful scenes, vivid characters, and the fantastical world of Marathana…” (Michael)

“When I started this book after reading ‘The Purple Morrow’ I wondered how Dyane Forde would follow it. In book two you get to find out more about the characters especially the two lead’s Jeru and Kelen. We find out what links the two characters especially after the climax of book one, you are taken on a ride and a journey of their two entirely different worlds and for me it was a slow burn that thrilled me at the end. The last section of the book adds excitement that I thought would leave the trilogy with nowhere to go! But thankfully how wrong was I! There is an excerpt of book three ‘Berserker’ that seems to flow nicely on which left me wanting more! If you have read book one this book adds another layer to the characters and will leave you wanting answers for a major twist at the end!” (Jennifer)

Click here for information about Berserker, the trilogy’s final installment.


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