Guest blog: The Day My Book Was Pirated (Repost)

Red Wine and a Side Order of Confidence, Please

Writing for Fun

Writing for Fun: The Messed-Up Result

Guest Post: Adventures in Indie Publishing 

Motivating Friends to Write With Flash Fiction

When You Are Discouraged

A Writing Retreat Is More Than A Creative Writing Tune-Up

Stuck? Try Writing Poetry

Never Say Never, or You Just Might Find Yourself Writing Longhand–Shiver!

The Verdict is In: Writing by Hand Rocks

That Thing You’re Wanting To Put Off–Don’t

Final Thoughts on the Real Writer’s Life

The Real, REAL Writer’s Life

Writing is a Marathon, not a Race

My Real Writing Life

Thoughts on Creating Memorable Non-Human Characters

Surviving Writer’s Fatigue-a Musical Intervention

Hoofin’ It! Another Step Forward

The Book is Written-Now What?

Subtext: Writing a Story Within a Story

Saving Your Baby: Challenges to Writing a First Book: Guest Post For Carson Craig’s blog

On Writing Flash Fiction:  For Kiwi Writers Blog

On Pitch Writing: Guest Post for Scarlett Van Dyjk’s blog

Why I Write


The Gifts of Critiquing 


Self-Confidence: How do you feel about your writing? 

Writing Groups: Lessons Learned

Writing Groups Part 2: More Lessons Learned

Having a Writing ‘Personanlity’ Crisis? I Am

Flash Fiction: My New Passion

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