Rewrite: Balance of a Cat: rewrite with a different (correct) point of view

Balance of a Cat:  Two kids on a cliff=trouble

Ben’s Bouquet: a sad goodbye

Eye of the Beholder: What happens when someone has what you want

The Task: The pain of not being able to write

A View From the Sea: Reflections on the end of a marriage

The Desert Maker-Part 2: second installment of a campfire story

Butterfly: a young girl ponders her mother’s death

Just Desserts: Christmas Challenge and Guest Blog post-Santa like you’ve never seen him

Fire Reaper: inspired by the anime Darker than Black

Black Hole: when science and a spurned woman meet

Wrecking Ball: Lee decides to meet Life head on

Shadow in the Sun: A love story to our pets

A Gift for Mother: Based on a real story

Disgruntled: Part 2-a victim fights back

Disgruntled: Part 1-Daniel’s been ignored one to many times

Going Home:  You wake up on a spaceship headed…where?!

Buzz: Silly and proud of it

My Face: I wrote this for a friend suffering with mental illness

Yellow Button: It’s the end of the world

The Crime: (204 words)-Also based on actual events…for animal lovers

Quick Draw: (157 words)-Something a little suspenseful

Shell: (about 400 words)-Prompt was a crater with a glowing red rim

Out of the Fire:  (I had to use the first line in the story)




The Wanderer

Mirror, Mirror


5 thoughts on “Flash Fiction and Poetry

  1. I sent everything in the submission area, you should get that shortly, but my email is rainbowsofhappiness2013@gmail.com, my photography blog is http://momentscapturedthroughthelens.wordpress.com, my facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/rainbowsofhappiness2013, my major poetry blog is http://pensivewriter2013.wordpress.com if you’d like to view samples of some of my work. I also have a short story publication Always In My Heart on awritersgallery.wordpress.com in the featured stories section since it is going to be in their writer’s showcase, and a poem “Shining Star of Sunlight” on poetreecreations.org, with a poem in the upcoming spring 2014 edition of The East Coast Literary Review “Courage of a Snowflake”. I am a regular contributor for Smile magazine writing the cover story and articles about empowering young girls to have positive self-esteem, have completed two self-help books, along with a compilation of 34 poems that are awaiting copyright, completed two books in my children’s literature series about Jingles the Elf, and currently am working on a book about positive classroom management techniques for educators.


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