When You Call 9-1-1, Make Damn Sure You Do it Right the First Time: The crazy result of a writing exercise. 

The Keeper and The Kept (excerpt): WIP science fiction story

The Cloud-Gatherer’s Tears: chapter excerpt of a WIP anime-inspired story

The Trouble with Rain: Published by From the Well House–a paranormal end of the world tale

The Desert Marker: Part 2- A campfire story event

Sunshine and Lemonade:  A Valentine’s Day Story

Just Desserts: A Christmas story unlike any other

Nor’easter:  Posted to A Writer’s Gallery in the Selected Writer’s Parlor, Runner-Up in the Storgy writing competition.

Mad Mac: A Comparative Story posted in A Writer’s Gallery

Room to Breathe: prompted by a 12-Hour Challenge

Grandmother: A young woman meets her match

Howlers-Part 1: part 1 of 3 of my zombie story

Give and Take: about acceptance and learning to move on

Big Boy: (which developed into a serial, lol. Three episodes are written…)

The Place Where All Things End: (A story about death. It moved many people)

Frenzy: (A mermaid takes revenge)

EasyChair: Published by Stories with Pictures



Portfolio: dyegirl – Writing.Com

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