Q&A with Dyane

So, I started a Group for The Purple Morrow on Goodreads where readers, fans and the simply curious can ask meet, ask questions and hang out. Some of the questions were pretty interesting and fun to answer, so I thought it’d be a great idea to link the Group to Dropped Pebbles where you, Reader, can follow and join in the conversation. Welcome!!

Here we go!


Kat asked: I think we have talked about this before, but how did you get the idea for Purple Morrow??? 

Me: Hey Kat!…The original idea for the story came to me because I wanted to write a) something lyrical b) sorta lit-fic oriented and deep and c) the idea of writing about the struggle to move from a place of loss and near-depression to one of hope and healing really interested me. Really, Jeru and Nyssa’s love story was meant to be the focus, but as I was writing I realized that wasn’t all I wanted to cover. Plus, I came to think that, in itself, the idea was boring lol I knew this because I couldn’t stop from adding action elements and layers of mystery to the plot and the result felt right. The story kept getting larger and more complex, and one day my sister suggested I write 3 books rather than 1. And there you go. 🙂 Thanks so much for your question. 🙂 

Nicki asked: Hi Dyane! I love seeing how busy you are out there with your books. I want to know about how you actually put the story together… weaving all of the events and points of view together to create such a beautiful story. And just for the record…. Kelen is still my favorite character 😉 

Me: Hi Nicki! Wow! That’s a huuuuge question! That’s why it’s taken me a while to answer–I had to think and then take a Tylenol since it hurt my head, lol lol I’ll be sure to let Kelen know. He’s amassing a but of a fan club at the moment, lol As for the book…there were a few keys to writing this story. One was to keep my first foray into novel writing and the fantasy genre SIMPLE. I don’t keep a lot of notes when I write, and even when I do, I rarely look at them again afterwards so events and details had to be ones I could remember. It also helped that I wrote everyday so the story was always rolling around my head and the characters close to my heart. I also did a lot of revising, going back and tweaking this or that chapter as I went so basically, it was an immersive experience. 🙂 As for the POV, I LOVE mixing POVs in books. It makes writing a lot more interesting, allowing for new energy when things gets stale, and you can show different aspects of your characters since you are observing them through different eyes. The key is to get inside each character’s head–often I’ll do a sort of ‘establishing scene’ when I introduce a new but important character so that, right off, the reader can get a solid picture of who they are–and get a feel for their motivations and drives, their psychological and emotional state so that each one reads as individual and unique. Plus, BETA READERS! SUPPORTERS! You guys have been great motivators and I appreciate all your support, comments and feedback. It often takes a team to get a book completed. 🙂 

Kat asked: What does he look for in a woman??? 😉 Just Kidding! 

Me: lol As soon as Kelen heard that question his ears perked up, lol

“Kel! You have a question!”
(looking up from a full plate of food)”Oy, woman! Don’t you know I’m eating! This roast mutton is a true marvel and this Canadian beer is exceptional! Whaddya want?”
“One of your fans has a question. Wants to know what you look for in a woman.”
(grins)”She got boobs and arse?”
(rolling eyes) “Yes.”
(raises eyebrows and strokes beard) “Can she cook?”
“Like a dream. Loves to, in fact.”
(slams tankard on the tabletop) “Good enough for me. I knew you were good for more than writing tripe, Authoress. I thank you kindly for your services. Oh, and send the wench to my room when I’m done here. Have to fill up the tank, you know.” (laughs raucously)

Well, there you have it, Kat. A real man for you, lol

Stay tuned for more Questions and Answers!

8 thoughts on “Q&A with Dyane

    1. Thanks Christine! 🙂 About the characters, do you mean the character interview I recently did? Or something else? Just curious. 🙂


  1. I love following your site! The Purple Morrow is amazing, but it’s also great to see “behind the scenes” stuff. I love hearing about the thought process. And it is very evident that these characters are near and dear to your heart… Kelen’s response is great. I look forward to seeing more people get their hands on this book. 🙂 Best wishes as always!


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