Review Exchange

I recently started reviewing the books I’ve been reading, and I find that I enjoy this very much. My goal is to be honest but fair. As an author with a book out and another on the way, and knowing how important good, honest reviews are in order to attract new and repeat readers, I find myself in a pickle: How do I get people to review my books? I don’t have a marketing/promotional crew behind me, and I can’t spend all day Tweeting about why people should buy my stuff. 

Then I figured I can’t be the only person in my position: an indie author without resources. So, I thought I’d try something. Why not start a Review Exchange? 

Su image2

If you like the excerpts of my book, are into adult fantasy, and think you could give a fair review, then contact me. I’ll look at samples of your work and if I feel that I can give a fair review, then we can exchange books. Reviews can be shared on various social media platforms. Note: I read other genres besides fantasy, though I will not read erotica, and I am not a big romance reader.)

NOTE: I AM NOT LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO JUST WANT RAVES REVIEWS REGARDLESS OF THE BOOK’S QUALITY—THIS IS NOT A TIT FOR TAT OFFER. If your feelings are easily hurt, then this might not be for you. But remember, the goal of a review is to give potential readers the information they need to make the right choice for them. 

So, please take a look at the reviews I have written. If you like what you see, let’s talk. 


Book reviews:

The Naughty Wife

Dead Reckoning


Path of the Heretic

Glenn Hates Books Vol. 1:Brutally Honest Book Reviews

The White Plague

The Forgotten Knight: A Chinese Warrior in King Arthur’s Court

The Beholder

The Two Towers, a dystopian adventure

Sinful Folk


Pilgrimage of Angels






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