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Author Interview with Scott Toney, co-founder of Breakwater Harbor Books

Scott Toney
Scott Toney

I met Scott Toney years ago while a member of the online writing platform, Authonomy, and I remember really liking his book, Eden Legacy. So, when I bumped into Scott a few months ago and found out he was up for an interview, I was really excited. Please stick around and meet Scott, musician, and faith-based author.

Welcome, Scott! Can you start by telling us a little about yourself?

I am a family man first and a dedicated friend. Those things and God are the most important things in my life. I am also a co-founder of the Independent Author Imprint, Breakwater Harbor Books (which I am very proud of), I have a degree in Journalism and Public Relations and am great lover of singing and the written word.

What’s your writing background?

I was trained in Journalism in college and also took courses in novel writing. I write in many different genres, including Christian, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romantic Suspense and Poetry.

When it comes to reviews, do you have a thick skin? How do you handle negative feedback?

I am definitely thick skinned. Sometimes it is those harsh reviews that you learn the most from. You need to have your eyes open to criticism and also realize that sometimes people are just wrong but that we all have the right to our own opinions. I ask for honest criticism from my peers.

What inspires your stories? What draws you to your preferred genre?

The one Genre that runs through all of my books is Faith. In a book there is always the issue of something going wrong… and in that moment I always turn to faith and find that my characters do as well. Even when I begin writing without faith in mind, I find that by the end of the novel faith plays a crucial role.

Can you tell us about your books? What other projects are you working on?

Ooooo, so many books. I’ll give you The Ark of Humanity’s pitch:

81nS5hl5kmL__SL1500_God flooded the earth to annihilate humanity’s sins. What if that sinful race didn’t die when floodwaters covered them but instead adapted to breathe water?

Under the depths of the ocean one boy has raised himself, until the day when he meets a dark-skinned man with news that will change the lives of his civilization forever.

Now he must save his people from another empire of water dwellers bent on enslaving the oceans and torturing his peaceful realm.

Yet another question is posed as he learns that his people are descended from humans that lived on the land above the ocean; a people that were destroyed by floods made by the rage of God.

If they have to, in order to escape, will they be able to breathe air and join whatever is left of the world above the waters?

What would they find there? Is the mythological Noah still alive?

Very interesting premise indeed!

I’ll be publishing the second novel in my Nova Trilogy in June, NovaSiege.

novasiege - FINAL - copyright owned by Scott Toney (1)

Can you tell us one (or two) quirky thing about yourself? Other hobbies besides writing?

I’ve taken opera lessons, love leaving quarters in gumball machines for kids to find and am like a 90 year old retiree who is a kid at heart, or so my wife tells me.

Did you go traditional or self-publish?

Self Published, though I was approached two years ago by a traditional publisher to publish The Ark of Humanity with them and declined because I wanted to keep the novel with Breakwater Harbor Books.

BHB Badge

Advice to those looking to break into your genre? On marketing and selling?

Write from your soul and be true to your mind and heart. I don’t know that your profits will rise with that strategy, but it is fulfilling. That and try many different strategies until you find the marketing strategy that works for you. Don’t get discouraged. If you throw enough bricks at a wall eventually one will break through.

How can readers get into contact with you?

Email me at or find me at Facebook 

Other books by Scott:


Hearts of Avon

Lazarus, Man

The Last Supper: John

It’s been great having you on, Scott! All the best as you pursue your writing goals. Readers, please check out Scott’s links and books, as well as those affiliated with Breakwater Harbor Books! Have a great week, everyone!

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