The Book is Written-Now What?

Well, I did it. I actually wrote tonight! Seems strange to say after posting only a few weeks ago about how I’d found my ‘writing mojo’ again. It was true, but that was actually in relation to editing a manuscript not writing one. At the time, I’d become excited about the story again and went into rewrites with gusto. I’d reconnected with the characters and their crazy world and couldn’t wait to finish it right. But that project is done and now…well, I’m trying to figure out where to turn next. I have two WIP’s already simmering on back burners somewhere as well as book three of my trilogy to write. So which one should I pull out?

Seems simple, but I find right now that Life is getting in the way of writing. I just published The Purple Morrow, my first book, and as exciting and amazing as that is, publishing it is still near the beginning of the book-making-selling process: now comes the business of getting it into the hands of readers. That takes time! I’ve got local bookshops to meet, book signings and whatnot to look into, not to mention online marketing tools to learn and develop…the list goes on and on. The stress constantly increases. And it’s November, the most depressing month of the year–I mean, really, pitch black outside at 4:30 PM? Who came up with that???


I love writing but I find I’m in a new phase called Exhaustion. Life was simpler when all I had was the Dream to publish a book and all I had to do was sit at my laptop and write! Now there’s all this Other Stuff added to that, which though interesting and new, takes away from the simple joy of doing what I love best, all because I want to get my book out there, make it stand out from the others circulating in the market, and maybe make some pocket change in the process. Am I complaining? No. I enjoy challenges and I enjoy learning so it’s not all bad. I guess I’m just starting to realize the impact that pursuing this dream is having on my life as I push along this second career path. It’s time consuming like crazy and sometimes I think, “Something’s got to give.” But what?

Anyway, this is my evening ramble just before I head to bed. If anyone can make sense out this, drop me a line. Anyone have words of wisdom to share or a related experience to share? I’d love to hear from you.