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Assassin's Creed: Renaissance  (Assassin's Creed, #1)Assassin’s Creed: Renaissance by Oliver Bowden

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Overall, an entertaining read. Apparently, it follows the game very closely and might be typical of the game-to-book genre. But I found the lack of character development, lack of detail/description about key things like the artefacts and descriptions of characters, or even much information about the Order of Assassins itself, off-putting. Probably if I was familiar with the game these issues wouldn’t have bothered me. What I did enjoy was the enthusiastic taunting on the part of some characters. Caterina had me laughing out loud, as well as the captain of the mercenaries–both had great, amusing lines, and both are some of the most memorable characters. The ending…was a little odd, but, again, that is probably because I am not familiar with the game’s story arc so it seemed out of place, even strange. Still, the book was dynamic and fun, and once I got into it, a quick, engaging read.

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