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Repost: One Writer/Proofreader’s File Backup Protocol

To Back Up or not Back Up. Are you protecting your work?

It seems so basic and obvious a question that we don’t talk much about it nowadays. But backing up our work is important. W. Bryan Miller, author, proofreader, and programmer, gives us his take on the idea.

How do you back up your files? Have you ever lost an important doc? Please share! 

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Repost: Are You a Storyteller or a Writer?

I’ve often thought about this because I can write a good story but I suck at telling a one. This post6 Key Differences Between Storytelling and Writing by Gordon Long does a great job making the distinction between the two skills. And now that I understand the differences, I feel a little less like a loser. LOL

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Are you a Storyteller or a Writer? Or are you one of the lucky ones who are good at both?