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Submitting to the Submission Process

So I’m submitting again. Short stories. Yes! I can’t wait for the rejections to come flying my way!


Okay, truth be told I stopped submitting for that reason, actually. Yes, it’s lame. Yes, it’s defeatist. But I’m just human and the string of “No’s” was getting brutal. Like, “I suck at this!” brutal.

So why have I started back up? Well, with the help of my new writing group and after a year of growth as a writer I feel like I have something better to offer. Old stories are being given new life as I go over them with fresh perspective and a new skill set I didn’t have before. And I suppose I’m curious to see what kind of reaction I get this time around.

Probably more “No’s” but I won’t know for sure until I try. 🙂

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The Desert Marker (Chapter 4/ An Omen): A Campfire Story

Yes! Chapter 4 of the Campfire Story Event is up thanks to Glynis Rankin. Check it out and if you are inclined, join in!

Glynis Rankin

Phil Partington  and Dyane Forde  thought it’d be a fun exercise to start a Campfire story where different bloggers from around the web, add a chapter to a continuing story. A few weeks ago Phil got the ball rolling. Today, I throw my hat into the ring with Chapter four….The Land of Doleman. Catch up with the story so far by  following the links below.

New Chapter in Campfire Story, The Desert Marker | Phil Partington, author page

The Desert Marker Chapters Page (Campfire Story 01) | Dropped Pebbles

The Desert Marker Chapter 3 ( Shadows)| Elena Yazykova Oko

An Omen

“Who are you?”

James didn’t answer, he couldn’t. His body burned with the fire of the pyres in his dream. His parched mouth felt as dry as the white sands he laid upon and his body ached from shivering all night in the desert chill.

You FOOL!” His…

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Dyane Forde’s Christmas Challenge

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Vashti Q-Vega threw me for a loop when she asked me to write a Christmas story. Say what? I don’t do Christmas stories, or Valentine’s stories or stuff like that because I find them sweet, and pleasant, and wholesome. But she challenged me to write one so I did–my way. 😀 So,  click the link to see how Dyane Forde’s Christmas Challenge turned out. 



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Nor’easter by Dyane Forde: A Short Story

Nor’easter by Dyane Forde. (Click to read the story)

Many thanks to Adrianna Joleigh and David Kent A Writer’s Gallery  for the chance to write something unique and out of my comfort zone: a story over 1000 words!

Nor’easter was difficult to write. Maintaining intensity, character arcs, smooth narration and the overarching meaning over so many words was a challenge. But so was looking at myself and the relationships of the people around me in order to find the tools I need to bring Leah, Matt and Dale to life.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story and will drop me a line or two to let me know what you think.

Enjoy the storm!