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Reblog: Let’s Talk about Rejections

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An Open Letter to Editors & Agents: It’s Time to Talk About Rejections

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the submission-rejection process. Have you been treated to the ‘no response’ response or the super-vague “you’re just not right for us” rejection letter? Do you think these suggestions might be helpful? Share your thoughts below!


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Call for submissions to The Woven Tale Press

Woven Tale Press: An Eclectic Culling of the Creative Web is on the look-out for blogs and/or websites showcasing unique and quality pieces to include in their emagazine. So this is an invitation to writers of literary works to send me links to their websites containing their writing for consideration—imaginative pieces with solid writing being key. Photography and other visual media will also be considered. Also, bear in mind that as this is an e-magazine; not every submission will be accepted (so please don’t throw stones at me) but if your piece is chosen, know that you work will be exposed to a very large, new audience.

Should you be interested, just contact me via the Contact Form below and include the URL to your blog/website as well as a few lines about yourself in the Comment section.

Good luck!