Motivating Friends to Write With Flash Fiction

WOW555 Contest Prompt with photo by Vanessa Pike-RussellSo I’ve entered the WOW555 flash fiction contest again, this time as a means of encouraging two writer friends to try something new. One says she has trouble writing short stories (what better way to break that than by writing a story of less than 500 words???), and another who just needs a kick in the butt to get writing, period. I checked in with one of them last night after he’d submitted his story, and he said he was glad he’d tried it and thanked me for the push. When I checked in with the other this morning, this is what she said: ‘ Dyane remember when I said you were the best? You’re actually the worst. THE WORST.’ To which I replied, ‘Lol lol lol Happy to oblige, as long as it gets you writing. Ta!!’ 

Anyone else feel they need a little motivating? 😀

Anyhoo, my entry is below. It’s experimental and darker than usual, but if there’s an opportunity to try something different from your norm, flash fiction is it. 🙂 Hope you enjoy it. And if you have a moment, why don’t you give the contest a try? There’s still time! Or check it out anyway to read some neat stories, meet some new writers, and vote! Voting opens tomorrow!

Eye of the Beholder

I follow her through the trees, just as I’ve done since we were children. Only now, her dark hair reaches to her waist, and when we stand side by side, the top of her head sits just under my chin, perfect for nestling. The grass gives under our feet. We steal around tree trunks like ghosts. The smells of the forest come up from the ground, earthy, pungent. It is spring, and the wind carries the airs of life as well as the vestiges of winter’s breath. I follow her, as always. And she leads me where she wills.

At last, I see our place, a knife-shaped outcropping. It is covered in moss and slick unless you know where to put your hands and where to dig in with your toes. At the top we sit. Side by side, knees almost touching. Far away, the sun sinks in the sky, a dark-yellow disk that will soon sear the tops of the trees.

It won’t be long now, she says, her voice a hopeful sigh in the wind. We’ll be leaving for the city in a few days.

I look at the ground beneath us. The soil is soft, green with grass and sprouting wildflowers. I used to twist flowers like those into wreaths for her hair.

She’d always wanted to leave this dead-end town where jobs were scarce and happiness scarcer. Only, I always believed I’d be the one to save her from the dying farms and the soon-to-be ghost-town.

She goes on. I want a job. And decent friends, women who have opinions and ideas in their heads. This town is dead. If I stay, I’ll die with it. You understand that, don’t you?

She looks at me. And in the failing light, it’s not me I see reflected there, but another.

The rock under me is unbearable. Its jagged edges cut into my rump. I get up quickly. Startled, she looks up, asks what was wrong.

But I’m heated, crushed to the ground from the weight of his shadow in her eyes.

What’s wrong? she asks again, reaching for me.

How could she not know?

My hands are around her neck. They are cold. She struggles. I am numb. At last, my sickness steals her breath.

The soil at the foot of the outcropping gives easily to a pair of determined hands armed with a stone. The gash in the ground won’t be easily noticed. She lies in the ground, my beautiful angel looking up towards heaven. And this time, I am pleased to see my dark and distorted reflection in the drying wetness of her eyes.

The outcropping is not quite so hard beneath me as I reclaim my seat. The sun has slipped past the tops of the trees. Its fire has gone out. And finally, I am at peace.

Copyright@ Dyane Forde 2015

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Looking for something new? Try a Flash Fiction Contest

I won! After the posting of my last article that included the flash fiction piece The Task, I was invited to enter a WOW555, flash fiction contest hosted by author, ghostwriter, and editor Wendy Strain on her blog writeonwendy. It was a tight battle, but thanks to a tie break, the story won. How cool!

Are you looking for a place to practice flash fiction? Give it a go! Visit the site to see the other great entries for last week’s event, and try your hand at this week’s. It’s a lot of fun, the participants are warm and welcoming, and you’ve the chance to bang out some writing at the same time. 🙂

WOW 555 Writing Challenge Winner’s BadgeSee you there! 


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I’m Participating in Mary Buchan’s Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Wow! My first official Blog Hop/Giveaway! People, I’ve finally made it! 😀


For a chance to discover some great authors, blogs and books, read on! 

A word from our Hostess:

What is on your summer reading list? If you are searching for a book to read, we may have something for you during your summer vacation. Mary BuchanMidlifestyle RNventor, is hosting this book blog hop during her virtual book launch of Over iT. Thirteen amazing authors will make you think, cry, laugh out loud or all three. Each author will give you a chance to win his or her book in a giveaway that ends July 23, 2014. Follow the links below and make sure you enter all for a chance to win!!

About the book YOU can Win: 

Purple_MorrowlTo start off my section of this blog hop/giveaway, I thought I’d use the intro that writer, editor, and writing instructor Wendy Strain used to announce me as a judge for her upcoming #5 MinuteFiction writing event taking place July 15

“While the story begins with a just-married and innocent Jeru, it quickly spins this main character into a series of events over which he has no control, leading him to become a solitary hunter for the clan until the day the Purple Morrow, a harbinger of hope, appears to him and sets him on a path he cannot avoid as he slowly begins to understand his own destiny in a world terrorized by the Rovers.

Dyane writes with a beautiful descriptive voice that pulls you easily into the scene, but her writing is strongly focused on issues of culture and personal growth. Don’t worry, though. She doesn’t get heavy-handed about it – it’s all woven seamlessly into the stories she writes.”

Thanks, Wendy! Even I wanted to buy my own book after reading that. 😀

About The Purple Morrow in my own words…

Painting by Amy Hands
Painting by Amy Hands

The idea for The Purple Morrow started a few years back when I wanted to explore themes related to loss, redemption, and moving forward. The story of a man unable to deal with the past while being thrown into a crisis demanding that he settle things and move on seemed a good place to start. 

The Purple Morrow started very simply; I’d intended it to be a solo book. But as the story developed and the characters matured, I knew the full tale had to be explored. The world of Marathana blossomed, becoming multi-cultural, each people group following their own cultural or religious beliefs. Magic and spirituality are also firmly rooted in this world and play essential roles in determining which side–good or evil–will prevail. I had a full-fledged trilogy on my hands. 

I am proud of these books. The Purple Morrow is the only one available for purchase through Storenvy and Amazon at the moment, though Wolf’s Bane, the sequel, is in the pipe and Berserker, the third book, is in production.

To win a PDF copy of my book,  The Purple Morrow, leave a comment below or email me at and tell me what you think the Purple Morrow is. 🙂 Winners will be randomly chosen. 

The Giveaway Rules:

The winner will be chosen at random from the comment list entered in this blog.  Please be sure to give me an email. our information is confidential and used for this giveaway only. Giveaway ends on July 23rd at 11:59 pm. The winner who does not respond within 2 days of our announcement via email will be dismissed in favor of another winner. 


Congratulations to ace1028 for winning the Giveaway!


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