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Writing is a Marathon, Not a Race

Writing fatigue.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Oh, no, here she goes again!’ Well, yes and no. I have been writing a lot on this subject because that’s where I’ve been living for the last little while. And though it might not make for the most interesting subject to blog about, I suspect that, somewhere in cyber-space, other writers are suffering the same thing. Some may be even a little shy to be open about it because, well, let’s be honest we know writing is hard work. How often do you come across those memes or quotes that say ‘Never give up!’ or that ‘Keep your eye on the prize!’ or ‘Victory comes to those who stick it out!’



Friggin’ blah.

The thing is, despite my sarcasm, I believe them. Succeeding in any venture, whether it’s business, art, our 9-5 jobs, or anything we want to do well, requires time, effort and sacrifice. But what I’m also learning–the hard way, is that as much as there are moments to strive, there are moments when we have to rest.

Rest? How can that be productive? We live in a Go!Go!Go! world. Didn’t you hear that rest is for the weak? Don’t sleep! Work, work, work! That’s the method to the madness I have been following for the last few years and though it has produced some great results, it burned me out.

I felt it coming around August. For more than three years, I worked on building this writing…career I’ll call it, since that’s what I hope it will become. From past posts, some of you know the route I took to get here, but for those who don’t, it included writing groups, critique groups, finding a writing partner, trial and error writing—which included receiving plenty of lambasting–learning how to build a writing platform, social networking—you get the picture. It’s a ton of work to do when you have a regular job, and a family, who often doesn’t get to see much of me when I’m ‘in the zone.’

But over the summer, something cool happened. I started blogging. The first one on Blogger did alight, but when I moved to WordPress—wow! Things really expanded and, suddenly, in addition to writing I had this other passion to nurture. It was great. I got sucked in. I went willingly, happily, but—

I was already drained by then. And it only got worse.

I’m a goal-oriented person; I’m at my best when I have a challenge to crush. That’s just who I am. Probably the pressure to ‘make it’ was fuelled by anxiety—I couldn’t rest. I had to keep getting better, I had to keep producing. If I wanted to make it—thereby ensuring that the sacrifices I’d made didn’t go to waste–then I had to keep pushing. What’s that expression? ‘Sleep when you’re dead?’

Almost. Or that’s sorta how it felt at times.

I threw myself into writing, tortured myself by reading other people’s work that was better than mine and, out of a sense of inferiority, set out to create something I thought was just as good. I read business articles and platform-building post after post so I could beat myself up over all the things I wasn’t doing. I literally could not, and would not rest.

It was insane. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been through this.

The kicker came the day I asked a friend for a prompt. I was so tired but I hadn’t written anything for a few days. Despite the fatigue, that story was one of my best up to that point. Yay! Then I tackled another challenge, one which led to the writing of Mad Mac. I remember sitting that night with the laptop on my lap thinking, ‘I can’t do this.’ But somehow I did. It felt like pushing past the Wall in running—I was (mentally) exhausted but something else took over and pushed me past my normal limits to finish the job. But something ‘crashed’ inside me that night.

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For a long time afterwards, just the thought of writing made me feel tired; a heaviness fell over my hands and a fog clouded my mind. My brain just said, ‘No.’ Despite the need to write, I instead turned to drawing, blogging, focussing on marketing my book—anything except serious writing. At first, I was nervous. How long would this last? What if I’m blocked for good? But as much as I was concerned, I decided to let it go. I felt free for the first time in a long time. Despite not writing anything creatively while fighting the words, ‘A writer has to write every day!’ I managed to say, ‘Screw that. Not today.’

I’m past all that now. A few things have changed. Primarily, I managed to find myself again. Probably, if you reread some of my recent posts you’ll notice a trend—the drive to succeed led to a disconnect with myself and why I love to write in the first place. I don’t read my G+ threads anymore, nor do I read writing ‘how to’ posts or other people’s writing (except books). Perhaps I’ll go back to that stuff in the future, but right now, the peace and quiet is sublime. I also found a few books with which to relax my mind and to feed my creative self. One of them inspired me directly to get back to writing. The day after I finished it, I picked up my current, unfinished manuscript and got to work.

I think the point of this post is to say that it’s okay to admit you’re tired–and maybe spinning out of control. And that it’s okay to stop. To take a break to find your centre; it will come back to you. The world doesn’t stop spinning, it never rests, but sometimes we have to.

 So, what about you? Anyone else have thoughts to share on this subject? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading! 🙂


Momma’s Taking a Break

Hey, everyone! So, in case you were wondering, yes I’m less active on the blog than usual but I’m still around. 🙂 I’ve just been taking it easy lately, taking time to breathe, refocus and refuel. Not to mention that Life has become increasing busy and there’s little time to do anything but work (gag!) and deal with family stuff. And November is just a depressing month. It’s literally pitch black outside at 4:15PM! All anyone wants to do is go home, eat some gross (but yummy) comfort food and cocoon…or at least, that’s what I’ve been doing, lol


Anyway, in regards to writing, getting The Purple Morrow into print was a three year long process that basically had me writing, editing, critiquing, learning, learning, learning until finally ‘giving birth’. Every mother needs a time out after the big day, so for the next little while, that’s what I’ll be doing. 🙂 I’m wiped, Friends! No worries, though. It’s nothing serious…Okay, okay! At first I was a teeny bit concerned about the lack of desire to write, but time passed and I saw that the ideas are still there as is the creative flow, though admittedly, weaker than I’m used to. So, I decided it’s time to recharge, read and watch TV and movies (if anyone has anime suggestions I’m all ears!), and reconnect with people in order to feed that creative inner space.



I’ll still be posting author interviews, guest blogs (I’m taking submissions–just comment below) and featuring artists (also taking submissions) so please, keep checking in! Or just drop me a line on the contact form on my About Page or comment below. I love to hear from you. 🙂

Talk with you all soon!


The Book is Written-Now What?

Well, I did it. I actually wrote tonight! Seems strange to say after posting only a few weeks ago about how I’d found my ‘writing mojo’ again. It was true, but that was actually in relation to editing a manuscript not writing one. At the time, I’d become excited about the story again and went into rewrites with gusto. I’d reconnected with the characters and their crazy world and couldn’t wait to finish it right. But that project is done and now…well, I’m trying to figure out where to turn next. I have two WIP’s already simmering on back burners somewhere as well as book three of my trilogy to write. So which one should I pull out?

Seems simple, but I find right now that Life is getting in the way of writing. I just published The Purple Morrow, my first book, and as exciting and amazing as that is, publishing it is still near the beginning of the book-making-selling process: now comes the business of getting it into the hands of readers. That takes time! I’ve got local bookshops to meet, book signings and whatnot to look into, not to mention online marketing tools to learn and develop…the list goes on and on. The stress constantly increases. And it’s November, the most depressing month of the year–I mean, really, pitch black outside at 4:30 PM? Who came up with that???


I love writing but I find I’m in a new phase called Exhaustion. Life was simpler when all I had was the Dream to publish a book and all I had to do was sit at my laptop and write! Now there’s all this Other Stuff added to that, which though interesting and new, takes away from the simple joy of doing what I love best, all because I want to get my book out there, make it stand out from the others circulating in the market, and maybe make some pocket change in the process. Am I complaining? No. I enjoy challenges and I enjoy learning so it’s not all bad. I guess I’m just starting to realize the impact that pursuing this dream is having on my life as I push along this second career path. It’s time consuming like crazy and sometimes I think, “Something’s got to give.” But what?

Anyway, this is my evening ramble just before I head to bed. If anyone can make sense out this, drop me a line. Anyone have words of wisdom to share or a related experience to share? I’d love to hear from you.