The Eagle’s Gift: A Fairy Tale (WIP)

This is the first book I wrote and it is complete though not yet available for purchase. Chapters can be read for free at


Evil has found its way into the realm of Nardin. The once beautiful land, the last beacon of hope in a dying world, teeters on the brink of destruction.

Princess Charlotte has long witnessed the wrecking of her homeland from behind the windows of the castle. Nothing the King has tried has been able to lift the curse from their land. In a last desperate attempt to save her people, Charlotte appeals to her father, begging permission to seek assistance from the mysterious Avians, a lordly race of eagles who in times past came to the aid of men. Knowing that what she asks is dangerous, the king sends Charlotte away for her safety. However, one day destiny calls when the Eagle King himself visits the princess, offering her the chance to do what she desires more than anything–to save Nardin. Assisted by a steadfast eagle prince, Charlotte sets out to break the curse besetting her land, leading her to brave terrible dangers while facing the biggest threat of all: falling in love.

I plan to one day publish this book. More information to come on this…

You can sample Chapter 1 here:

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