William Crisel

So in keeping with the goal of this blog to highlight writing from writers of various levels and experience, genres, and styles, I’m happy to bring a new author to the forefront, William Crisel. 

Here’s what William had to say about his life, why he started writing and about his book…

My name is William J Crisel and ever since I was ten years old I have had the dream to write. Growing up, for at least the first ten years of my life, I was a navy brat as many would say. I didn’t stay long enough in one place to make a lot of friends and by the time my family did settle down I had a hard time making friends. I was drawn to books, anything to take me off into another world or into another reality. I can’t recall the story that set me off on my desire but I do remember being drawn to the way it was told. 

As well as books, movies where also a factor which pulled me into other worlds. Movies such as The Neverending Story, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and many more; I wanted to create similar stories. However as a kid it was way beyond my grasp. Still, I never gave up on that desire. While I neither had the knowledge or skills to write, at the age of 18 would take my first step in that direction. I was given my first computer, and while Internet existed at the time I did not have access to it. The computer came with basic writing software and that was where it began. 

I wrote many stories, probably not the best of what I was capable of but I gave it a good try. All of those tales however are now lost due to moving on. Yet even with them gone I never stopped writing. This year would be the first time I had the ambition to put my words to book form and so I went forward and published Fairy and Blood: Lilac.  

Front Cover

The idea for Fairy and Blood: Lilac came about after I was deciding on what to buy my niece for Christmas. My sister suggested a Disney themed bed spread and curtains. The one I came across was Tinker Bell. After buying it for her, I was talking to my coworker about it and how Fairies are often seen as magical happy go lucky creatures that often played the role of the healer, the omen, or the sidekick in some way or another. They never where seen in the roll of the protagonist. That there was never a story that was meant for older teens or adults. So my coworker told me I should write it and I did. Yet even while writing the tale I wanted it to be something special. I wanted the world to be like a painting, vivid, detailed. I wanted the world to be as much a character as the fairy in the tale was going to be. So I was very careful on how I portrayed that world. I added lines in the book such as  ‘a hue of shifting purple was cast across the sky as if someone had painted some water and tossed it up as a gift to those shining lights’. And ‘a soft light dimmed down to a greening glow’. I attempted to make it seem like the environment was alive. 

A fan art of Lilac, the main character
A fan art of Lilac, the main character

Fairy and Blood: Lilac is the story of a fairy who journeys across a vast forest in a vast world. She has a calling, which is to find and correct the wrongs that have been done to both to her world and to her kind long ago. 

Even though Fairy and Blood: Lilac is a dark tale, just before the start of chapter one, I still tried to endow it with elegance and a sense of wonder overall. I wanted this story to be both adventurous and philosophical, a nice mix of both. The writing is lyrical, almost poetic in many places. In this story I attempted to really enhance the action and immediacy, and the rhythm so as it would make for more than just a pleasurable read.

As you read, you will notice the use of uncommon words or unusual definitions of common words as it was my intention to add to the ancient-like tone to the book similar to great books such as The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

The antagonists in the book where given great deal of consideration as to how they would respond to Lilac. I wanted people to relate to some degree, to understand they were not just typical villains but possibly misunderstood. That even though they had malicious goals that perhaps certain circumstances led them to be that way. 

13 - 1In conclusion, it is a rather good book, a good read, that while not extremely long will be memorable in the end.




William Crisel, author
William Crisel, author


If you’re interested in reading William’s book you can find it on Amazon in paperback and Kindle . And please leave a review or comment behind after reading.

If you would like to contact William, you can do so by email at: vegette@comcast.net


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